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    Black image where JPG should be

      Hi all,
      I'm new to video editing, but have been working on a simple video consisting of AVIs and JPGs, and have run into a problem I can't figure out.

      At various points in the movie, I have multiple images flash by consecutively (6 or so per second). A few of them, however, are simply black and in the exported video show nothing but sound still plays. I've checked the image from the folder it's in on my computer and it's fine, as well as clicking "Edit Original" in Premiere, the image pops up in my default viewer (Windows Picture and Fax Viewer).

      However, it just won't appear in the video. Other JPGs, including the ones before and after it, appear. Just not these few. (Few is relative, I'm having trouble with about 20 of them). I've tried deleting them from the bin and adding it again, but it continues to be black. Does anybody know a solution to this problem? Thanks.