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    Audio Dropout During Playback

    blazer003 Level 1
      As I'm playing clips, whether on the timeline, or in the preview window, the audio will cut out for intervals of about 2 seconds then come back, then off again.

      This has happened to me on two different systems with two different projects. One you could say is slightly under powered (2.8 Ghz P4 with 2 GB of RAM, GForce 6600GT) but the other is a workhorse machine (Two Dual Core Xeon 3.0 Ghz processors. 4 GB RAM, GForce 8800). Both machines are running XP. The lesser system is my personal machine running Premiere Pro 2.0, while the workhorse is my work computer running CS3. Both are having the same issues.

      Some details about the event:

      1. This only happens when I'm working with HDV footage.
      2. This only happens when playing files that do not have to be rendered. Like playing clips back in the Source window, or on the timeline where there are no effects applied (there is no red bar above it.)
      To remedy this for some projects I have put a blank title on the top track of the entire project. I think that this forces it to play it back in a way that it's not raw and has to do some small amount of processing on it. It still plays back fairly smoothly, but not like when it's raw and working correctly.
      3. If I just put focus on another application for a second then come back it will play fine for about a minute before it starts cutting out again.

      Any ideas or suggestions as this is incredibly annoying. The only thing that I thought it might have something to do with is that they both have Cineform isntalled (which is what I export to when I'm done.) but I doubt that would cause this error.
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Disk setup?
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            blazer003 Level 1
            Disk setup is different for each computer. For my work computer working off a SATA drive with only the video content (program and OS is on a separate SATA drive).

            On my home computer, sometimes working off a second IDE drive, but sometimes working off a USB2 external HD.

            When I first encountered the problem, it was on my home computer working with a USB 2.0 HD (also my first using HDV in PPro), so I thought disk transfer speed may have been the problem. But not long after, I encountered the same problem at work while working off of regular hard drives (well defragmented ones at that.)
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              blazer003 Level 1
              One more thing I should note, I haven't seen this happen with smaller projects yet. One thing I thought of is that maybe PPro is reaching it's limit on the amount of memory it is allowed to use by Windows? Is there such a limit? Right now Premiere is using 539,360 K of Memory (according to task manager) but I have ~1020000 of my 2096424 available right now, so it's definitely not a issue with the system running low on memory.
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                (C._David_Young) Level 1
                This is a well known bug in CS3 that has nothing to do with performance of the machine. Just search the CS3 forums a little and you will see that it has been discussed a great deal. The latest update to PPro seems to have helped, but it has not gone away completely for me.