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    Timeline Slow to Respond in Source and Program Monitors

      Hello all,
      I've just upgraded to CS4, and am getting frustrated by the delay between hitting the space bar and the footage starting to play.

      The footage is all 720p 25fps, captured by Cineform HD Link. It seems to take three seconds before the footage will start playing, does anyone have any ideas what the problem is?

      Assets are all held on a fast (internal) 15k RPM, 300gb SAS drive, Project files on a different 500gb SATA drive.

      Computer Spec;
      Windows Vista Business 32bit, Service Pack 1
      Producton Suite CS3, Cineform Aspect HD 5.4
      2 x Xeon Quad Cores @ 2.5gb
      1 x 146gb 15k RPM SAS - Boot Drive
      1 x 300gb 15k RPM SAS - Assets Drive
      2 x 500gb 7.2k RPM SATA - Data Drives
      2 x 140gb 10k RPM SATA - Data Drives
      8GB FB-DIMM PC2-5300 ECC RAM
      ATI Radeon HD3870 TOP PCI-Express 2.0 512Mb DDR4 256Bit 2 x DVI-I DX10