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    quicktime please please help

      Ok, hi.. I just want to make a quicktime movie... I have searched on the forum, but not sure I have the anser.. basically it's for a festival and they want the short film as a high quality quicktime file... preobably to make a showreel of on FCP.. anwyay I try to export the movie, using the quicktime option, and it makes a file 4 gig in size which is four times the size fo the windows media file it normally makes, and when I play back it is stop and start.. how do I just export it normally to make a normal quicktime movie film.. pleae help even though this is probably very simple for you guys..all the thinks in advance.anton
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Details please.
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            Hi, thanks for quick response, basically it jsut a five minute vid... I made it in premiere... it's a normal pal project... basicall the festival just sent me an email saying they needed the film as a full quality quick time file... I try to make the film through the export movie then the quicktime option but the end file seem to come out really big.. I'm not going through the media encoder, jsut the export movie option, do I need to go through the media encoder, and can I get a full quality quicktime that way, if s what are the settings.. thanks.
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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5
              The Windows Media File that you usually export to is probably not using the same data rate as your original footage.

              For a full quality Quicktime to be used in FCP, I suggest that you export a DV AVI (assuming that is the footage you started with), and use Quicktime Pro to convert it to Quickime MOV.

              Or, carefully use the Adobe Media Encoder (not Export Movie) to create a 25Mbps Quicktime.