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    Premiere CS3 doesn't support Camcorder capturing and MPEG-2 on purpose? [very frustrated. Please Hel

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      My boss gave me a Tape camcorder to extract the videos and post them on Youtube. I've tried Video Edit Magic 4.4, Premiere CS3, and Pinnacle Studio to capture the video, Premiere CS3 is the only software that does not recognize the camcorder. So I'm forced to use Pinnacle Studio Quick Start (The software that came w/ the Camcorder) to exact the video and made them into MPEG-2. Once the MPEG-2 is on my PC, I tried to open it with Premiere CS3 for editing. Once again, Premiere doesn't support the .mpg exported by Pinnacle. I've been tinkering with this for 10 hours, but still not luck . Someone please help me!

      PS. I wanted Pinnacle to Export AVI instead of MPEG-2, but the software is so crappy that the exported files would always be distorted.