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    Audio cuts in last 3 seconds of EVERY clip.

      Ahoy mateys,
      I'm doing an editing work for a company in the neighbourhood, but I've just stumbled across a huge problem, their videos play fine in e.g. Windows Media Player och VLC, but when i import them to Premiere and play them, the audio works fine until the last 2-4 seconds where it just breaks off completely.

      Now, when i first got the files they were in 3gp format (cellphones, i know ;l) and whilst i could play them in Quicktime, vlc and the likes, premiere refused to accept them. So i tried converting them in "Ultra Video Converter" into "VCD-compatible MPEG1 format" which made premiere accept the files but leaves me at this.

      Do you believe the problem lies within the converted files, or could premiere be "forced" into playing the last secs of audio? If not, have anyone encountered a similar problem and might share their solution?

      Thanks in advance,
      Kristoffer Haglund