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    Video resolution and dual monitor assistance

      Trying to set up a show running on a windows XP Pro PC with dual monitor (ATI HD3870 card) so that videos run using Windows Media Player (or maybe something else if needed?) on the second monitor (actually a large projector).

      The videos are synchronised to DMX lighting using software so can't just be run from a DVD.

      All the videos have been developed using HDV anamorphic PAL 25fps footage but are rendered out using Premiere CS3 at 1280 x 720 (to keep 16:9 ratio at the highest resolution the projector/card (plus VGA extender cable) can handle.

      The videos can be launched quite happily on a single monitor system at this resolution and in any format (WMV, AVI, etc). The videos are launched via software using DirectShow (this is 3rd party software). BUT, when outputting to the second monitor the video playback doesn't work at any resolution above 720 x 576. It works fine at 720 x 576, but obviously when projected the image is way smaller than we need.

      Note that Windows Media Player will play higher resolution files on the dual monitor but not in full screen mode.

      So, the question is where does the problem lie and how can we fix it? Can Windows Media Player not run higher resolutions in dual monitor mode? Do we need a specific graphics card to handle this? Is Windows XP an issue? (PS we had the PC running Vista previously but found that the TMM module in Vista was affecting the screen resolution settings). Do we need to render out of Premiere in some specific way? Has anyone got any experience of something similar?