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    Creating a cool effect/transition... how to do this?

      Trying to think how to do this without any special program like After Effects? It's a transition I suppose, between two shots... I've seen it done a lot to music or to add drama to the cut.

      Instead of just cutting straight from ShotA to ShotB, you flash ShotA and ShotB back and forth quickly, finally landing on ShotB. For example, the sequence would be like: ShotA ends - ShotB - ShotA - ShotB - ShotA - ShotB - ShotA - ShotB - ShotA - ShotB - ShotA - ShotB - ShotA - then finish on ShotB as it continues. Each flash might be a percentage of a second long, so the total transition time might total a second or two. Think of a DJ scraping a record back and forward to produce that hip-hop, rap sound.

      Obviously it can be done with major amounts of labor manually on the timeline, but I want to know how one easily can create this transition. If it's a pushbutton effect in some piece of software please direct me to the software I should consider which might already have this and other cool effects and transitions that are pre-made?


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