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    Files turning into "Offline files" for no good reason. (Also: Hidden surprise

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      So, as the title says. I have 2 different projekt files, containing the first and the second part of a smaller movie.
      The only problem is, i now need to merge the two files together so i can export them into a final file.

      Unfortunetly, if i import one of the projekt files into the other, almost all (about 80 %) of the files from the imported projekt are marked 'offline'.
      The hassle is, if i try to link them to the appropriate media i get an error saying that the target media is either unsupported or damaged.
      The thing is, they are neither unsupported nor damaged. If I were to open said imported projekt file from File->Open, all the movies (including the allegedly "damaged" ones, run smooth as greased lightning on rollerskates.
      So whom behold, the problem occurs for some reason when the projekt file gets imported.
      Deadline is approaching (Fast) (tomorrow to be exakt) and altough i could postpone it for a little while, I do not wish to as I am sure you understand.
      Clues? Solution? Mocking? Anything, I'll tear myself bald before this is solved.

      Also, for abovementioned hidden surprise: Things gets worse.
      I've already thought about exporting them individually, importing the exported movies into a new project and re-exporting them, just to finally get them together in a file, but when i try to export the first project I get the error "Adobe Premier Pro failed to return the video frame. Aborting". That is, if im lucky. Most of the time PPro just crashes without warning.

      I hope this made any sense. If someone help me completely solve the problem, i will upload myself doing a victory dance.
      If someone knows of a workaround, i will upload a picture of my right Toe. (if requested, of course)

      Thanks in advance!
      Kristoffer Haglund