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    Corrupt trimmed projects

      I've found a really annoying bug. Hope someone can help because I don't trust the project trimmer anymore. I trim a project (Windows DV 4:3) - fairly large ususally - 30 hours of source, graphics, sound, etc. Project trimmer makes it through and creates everything in a new folder. I'm able to open the new trimmed project without issues. Here's the problem. Make some changes and save the trimmed project. Now try to reopen it again. Premiere crashes every time. No explaination, no error message, just a crash.

      This usually doesn't happen on smaller projects (which probably wouldn't require trimming anyway), but on 500gig to 1tb project that's complete, I want to trim it down to 15-20 gigs for archiving.

      Help! I've been unable to restore and work on trimmed archives that should be solid. This never happened in 6.5 or 2.0.

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          I had this problem recently with a fairly large project--I was able to open the trimmed version immediately after trimming, but after saving and closing, it would crash Premiere when trying to open it again. I did eventually fix the problem--but I can't remember what I did!

          I'm pretty sure that what I ended up doing was one of the following things:

          1) Immediately after opening the trimmed project, use "Save As" to save a completely new version of the project. Try opening that one a few times.

          2) Immediately after opening the trimmed project, use the Project Manager to create another, new trimmed version. You can use the "Offline" option, and then relink the media once you open the trimmed copy of the project. See if that works.

          3) Instead of opening the trimmed project, create a NEW project at the same project settings, and import the trimmed project into it. Be sure to NOT open the trimmed project first--simply run the Project Manager from the original project, close it, and then create a new, empty project. Something tells me this is what I had to do, and it worked perfectly.

          Can't explain why it happens, and certainly won't justify it either--but I hope one of these options works for you. I knew I should have written down what I ended up doing!

          Good luck!
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            Thanks for your helpful reply. I tried #1 and #3 before, and neither worked. Just retried and crashed again.

            #2 DID WORK! Thank you! 'Double trimming' is the solution.

            ------ Additional Testing --------

            I had a hunch that it could be the media in the project, so I ran a test on a project that I was about to trim. Most of my DV projects these days have some HDV footage that I usually use for wide broll shots. I deleted the HDV footage before trimming (this wouldn't work if I needed it to tell the story, but in this case I didn't). Then I trimmed, opened made 1 change, and reopened. This would result in a crash, but this time it worked.

            One last test was to see if I could open an older trimmed project with DV and HDV, deleted the HDV from the trimmed, then try to reopen and work on it. Didn't work, so you have to delete the HDV before trimming. I guess it would down sample the HDV into DV in a separate project first if I needed it.

            Adobe, please fix this bug in the next version. I'm 99% sure that it's the HDV footage in a DV project that's causing this.

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              Glad to hear that at least one of those options was the solution! I knew I had tried all three--just didn't recall which actually worked. I'll certainly remember that next time.

              I'm not sure that HDV is necessarily the problem. When this issue occurred to me, the project used the NTSC DV 4x3 48KHz project preset, with the bulk of the material in the project being DV clips--no HDV whatsoever. On the other hand, I did have some largish QT Animation movies with alpha channels (Digital Juice animations and other stock footage) present in the project. When using the project manager, these clips are simply copied, and not trimmed. I've never worked with HDV in PPro, but I believe that the project manager works the same way with HDV clips. It could be that these copied clips, whatever the format, are the culprit. To date, I haven't been able to replicate the issue, so it's kind of a difficult one to troubleshoot.

              In any event, we know a workaround... phew.