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    50% of Video Getting Cut Off

      My monitor is a wide screen (16:9) and I use the resolution of 1680 x 1050. Mostly on my computer I record video game sessions, and use these settings as well.

      Anyway, when I load the file and put it into the time line, the demo section (screen in the top right of Premiere) "crops it" like a Pan & Scan. I export the file, and keeps it as a Pan & Scan which is NOT what I want.

      I looked and saw "Assets" for Premiere, but I saw nothing in there that would help me prevent Premiere from making my files a Pan & Scan.

      All I want is after I import my 1680 X 1050, is for Premiere to allow me to see that resolution at the same time instead of cropping it into a Pan & Scan.