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    M2T vs. MPG for HDV Capture?

      Hello All,

      What is a better option to capture HDV video via firewire?

      1) Capture through Premiere CS3 into an MPG file?
      2) Capture through Adobe On-Location into M2T files?

      Are they essentially the same? Is there different compression? Are there compatability issues?

      I have to capture about 25 hours of HDV video from a JVC HD100 in 720P30 format. I will have to share this footage with a couple of different people (sponsors, event organizers, etc).

      For compatability, I have already decided to capture via firewire instead of through my HDMI or analog component capture card. I know that codec is rare and fairly cpu intensive.

      I am just curious if M2T or MPG is preferable on a whole.