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    Color Monitor Effect


      I've coded many effects for Premiere over the years for use in my own films, and I thought some of them might be useful to others. I've put my first one up on-line. It is a "Color Monitor" that reveals the colors in an image independent of brightness. Viewing the colors in an image has many practical applications such as showing color casts due to white balance or mixed lighting, showing the subtle effects of color correction operations, showing chromatic aberration due to lenses, showing color noise levels, showing compression artifacts, showing improper decoding of chroma channels, etc.

      If you would like to try it out, you can download it from

      http://www.landrew.com/cgi/Via/Eval.pl?page=Article&article=Color+Monitor&path=/Video/Effe cts

      It is free and doesn't contain any spyware or adware or anything else weird. I use lots of free software myself and this is just my way of contributing. If you find it useful or if it doesn't work on your machine for some reason, feel free to send me a note :)

      Andrew Harrison