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    HDV A/V sync problem - Plays fine as MPEG on WMP?....HELP!!

      Hi there,

      This is my first time using a forum and i wish i didnt have to!!

      I have loaded approx 15 hrs of HD1080i footage onto an external hd (500g, used about 150G approx), each tape (1hr) has been captured in an individual PPCS3 project. The raw files are mpegs and play fine with windows media player. When i open them on the timeline in CS3 the audio+visuals are out of sync... i used to have elements and never had any trouble like this... i noticed that when the clips are conforming, the clip frame rate is 29.97fps but the sequence rate is 25fps - not sure if this is a problem but once the clip has conformed it changes to 25fps. I have around 500/600g free so i dont think theres a slow computer issue, 4 processers(quad core or something!)- im not a computer whizz by any means but i know im running a fast computer and that something is wrong! I've noticed on some forums that others have had similar problems but i can't find a solution - i just bought CS3 to use for project for work and now im in alot of trouble if nothing is working - PLEASE HELP ME!!!