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    Export and Encore errors

      Hoping someone can help me figure out how to get this project finished. Project is edited and ready to burn to [BR] DVD. All the footage was shot at the same framerate on the same camera (Canon XH-A1/60i) and edited in CS3 on a computer with XP. I tried exporting MPEG2 and H264 to Encore, either way at the end of export Premiere crashes. Exporting a small segment of the timeline [work area only] doesn't cause a crash and exported file is ok. That's issue number one. For a workaround I exported the timeline with the same settings (1920x1080p, square pixels, 29.97, CBR 6kpbs). Basically creating the same file as well as I could figure. Exports ok. I started a new Encore project and imported that file as the timeline. Built the menu and started the burn and got this error:
      invalid time, Code "24", Note "start + duration exceeds clip duration". Same problem this person had:
      So I've got no way to burn a DVD now. Sure would appreciate some help!