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    Canon Vixia HV30

      So I was originally praying for the DVX100B but it turns out my funding is too low to afford that camera with a decent lighting / sound kit. I've turned my sights to the HV30 (my main concern was 24p and overall picture quality, not HD) and I was wondering what others had to say about it. I'm using it for documentary projects and field work. I was wondering what the manual controls were like (does it have an aperture toggle so I can change DOF?) and if the camera made it easy to achieve higher than consumer level results. Also, if anyone can suggest a great on cam mic to go with the camera that would be awesome as well. Right now I'm looking at a Rhode (the NTG I think) and maybe Audio Technica. Thanks in advance.

      PS- I'm ALL for a used DVX if it fits the price range so if anyone knows of where I can find one PLEASE point me towards it.