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    Rippling waves in DVD output from rendering process? Has anyone seen this?

      I have created a new project within Premiere Pro CS3. I have imported in about 300 still photos to create a DVD slide show mixed with some movie footage from one avi file. The following are the specs of the stills:

      1. Each still was scaled down to 1440X960 in size within Photoshop CS3. None of the images were scaled up.
      2. I disabled Premiere from resizing the images during import process so that I can setup panning and zooming each image.
      3. I added all images to my timeline with a 6 second delay.
      4. I then setup all even images to start at %size of 50% and then zoom out to 100% using keyframes.
      5. I then setup all odd images to start panning from left to right, during the 6 seconds they are displayed, with the image %size of 75%

      I then added music to the audio track and then exported as a Movie, which created an avi file.

      I then imported this avi file into Encore and created my final DVD, which is only about 30 minutes long.

      I gave a copy to a friend, and when he attempted to view the movie on his MAC and then his PC running XP, he reported that he was seeing rippling waves throughout the video. He explained them to look kind of like heat waves that you would see coming off hot asphalt. Which this cause the image to be somewhat distorted. When he placed the DVD in his home TV dvd system and it displayed on his TV, the results were much better, but you can still see a little of those waves. I also see a little of those waves on my new dvd player attached to my High Def TV.

      My questions tho this group are:

      1. What causes these waves to appear?
      2. How to get rid of them and make the video more high resolution looking?

      Thank you all for your help.