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    need help with laptop recommendation

      my current laptop is a dell d800, intel pentium "M" 2.0 ghz single processor. 2 gigs of RAM. nvidia ge force fx go 5650 video card, firewire card. xp professional, 17 inch screen. still running pp2 on it, but cs3 at home on desktop.

      i shoot and edit in hd with a sony hvr v1u. the above laptop takes 45 minutes to export a 90 second clip to a flash video file, for example. and the image stutters and lags during playback.

      i assume the main issue with current laptop is processor speed. i'm looking to buy a new laptop and would like recommendations as to what to buy. my company seems to buy from dell exclusively. i also am assuming we ought to revert to xp on the new laptop.


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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Unless you need the portability, it may be a much better solution to get a powerful desktop with multiple HD's for less $$$ than a laptop and use your current laptop for office work and internet.
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            the_wine_snob Level 9
            I've been very happy with my Sager notebook. Got the recs. for it here. Now, most heavy work is still done on my workstation, but the laptop is quite fast and stout. Have a look at:

            I went with the 3x 200GB SATA HDDs, and often use FW-800 externals. Not a cheap laptop, but I could also get it with XP, just by asking.

            So far, the unit has been great, and what little tech support/serice, that I've needed, has been quick, professional and easy. I'm a happy camper with this unit, hence my rec.