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    Scale at  200  in Premiere2.0 vs CS3

      Has anyone noticed a difference in quality between 2.0 and CS3 when using the scale? For online videos, I often frame up cameras(dvc-pro 25) out a bit while recording. In post we then have the ability to move around a bit (push and pan) and not loose any quality in the finished product- when its rendered out at half (360x240)the original size (dv 720-480). But it seems that, when rendering with adobe media player out to wmv's, premiere 2.0's quality is fine -- even with a scale of 200%, while doing the same in CS3 there is the "normal" loss that you would expect if rendering at full resolution. Am I nuts in thinking that if you render out at 1/2 the original size of the source than you should be able to push in using 200 scaling? Maybe I need a project setup at 360x240 and not normal dv ?