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    Edit points using multi cam feature

    dericktrotter Level 1
      I use the multi cam feature a lot in PP and i would like to have a feature that would put a edit point on the time line when I watch the part i am going to edit .....It might already be possible but I cant see it ....what I do is record a dance number using 3 or 4 cams..... I then get it to the multi cam point ready for edit ....I would like to watch the dance and hit the star button to put a edit point on the beat of the music then I would jump to each edit point and choose the best cam shot.....I can do this by going to the main time line but i have to keep clicking from one window to another to jump to edit points .....is this making sense.... ha ha ...anyway would like to hear any comments and ideas.

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5
          You are supposed to watch it a couple of times and then as it plays back you decide which cam to use. You can always use the multicam feature to change your mind later.

          If you just want to put a marker on the timeline use the asterisk key on the numeric keypad to put markers on the timeline as you play it back. I believe you need to stop playing in order to see the markers. So be patient.
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            dericktrotter Level 1
            Yes Steven thats how i do it now ...just would be nice if the markers were on the multicam time line ......and i do watch it several times ...all I want is a music beat marker..... think it would be a good feature and easy to do ...seems silly to have the markers on one time line and not see them on the multicam one....still a good feature the multicam.saves me loads of time I can tell you.....guess we are never happy .ha ha .

            P.S At least you understood what I was going on about ..

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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              Watch it using the multicamera monitor, then every time you change cameras, you'll get a cut in the sequence. If you change on the beat, there you go.
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                dericktrotter Level 1
                Yes I am aware of that .as I said in my first post I use multicam alot.....But if you have to look at 3 or 4 cams at once its not so easy .....all I wanted was to put a marker on the multicam time line .......hit the star button on the beat .then jump to them and choose the best shot .....so simple......dont have to do it in real time then ..... was just a thought as I am using that method now and it works well ......Just have to go from one timeline to the other to jump to next marker and thats a pain..... but as you say " there you go"....

                thanks for the reply
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                  Colin Brougham Level 6
                  If I'm following this correctly--and please correct me if I'm misunderstanding you--you want clip markers on the final multicam sequence to show where music beats fall? If so, you can do that easily. A multicam sequence is just a regular sequence when you're not in multicam mode. Use the Keyboard Customization settings to set a key that will drop a clip marker (sequence marker defaults to the asterisk key, so you might want to remap it) on the multicam sequence itself. I'd also set something like Ctrl+Right Arrow to go to the next clip marker (and Ctrl+Left Arrow to go to the previous one). Then, just go into multicam mode with the multicam monitor open, and as you jump from marker to marker, click the camera monitor (or use the keyboard shortcut) to select which camera you want to use. It will automatically add an edit, and change to the shot you select. Lather, rinse, repeat.

                  I think this is what you're asking, but if not, please clarify :)
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                    dericktrotter Level 1
                    Yes that is it ....but you cannot get the markers to show on the multicam
                    timeline .......I know its the same timeline but you have to click the main
                    timeline then jump to next marker then click the multicam timeline and then
                    choose which cam .....all I want to do is to stay on one time line ......the
                    multicam one...... does that make sense .........

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8
                      Add the markers in the multicam sequence, not the original with the four clips.
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                        Colin Brougham Level 6
                        Funny; it works for me. I'm wondering if we're not running into an issue of semantics... because I'm not sure which you're referring to when you say "multicam timeline" and "main timeline".

                        On every multicam project I do, I create a sequence titled "SYNC". As the name would suggest, this is the sequence were each camera clip is synced. I then create another sequence titled "EDIT". The "SYNC" sequence is nested into this one and becomes a multicamera clip. With the multicamera clip selected, I right-click and select Multi-camera > Enable. If I was so inclined, I could now use the Multicam workspace to edit. However, if you simply playback this sequence in normal editing mode, you should be able to drop clip markers on-the-fly, on the beats. Then you could switch to the multi-cam workspace, and add edit on those markers.

                        Another thing to note, as I'm sure you're aware, is that sequence markers added in one sequence will become clip markers when that sequence is nested into another. This would be another possible route. I do this a lot when editing performance stuff, as I'd add sequence markers in my "SYNC" sequence to demarcate where garbage in-between performances should be removed in the "EDIT" sequence--those markers "stick" the frames they are set to, instead of to the times they are set to.
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                          dericktrotter Level 1
                          Yes Colin your right and thats exactly what I do .....only difference is i
                          call my synced tracks "all tracks" and nest the sequence into a "edit"
                          When I enable and open up the multicam it opens a timeline and the markers
                          are not there...... so I go back to the what I call the main timeline and
                          jump to the next marker then go to multicam timeline ........ what I mean
                          when I say main timeline is the one you finish with when you shut down the
                          multicam....... my multicam opens in a new window and it has not got markers
                          on it or even a way of putting markers on ........if it is working for you
                          my prog must have a bug ........can you try to drop a marker on the fly on
                          the multicam timeline and let me know .


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                            dericktrotter Level 1
                            Hi ya Jim ....... not sure if you understand what i'm trying to do ......I
                            am putting the markers on the nested timeline but they dont show up on the
                            multicam timeline when I open it.

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                              Colin Brougham Level 6

                              I'm really stumped--things are working on my side exactly the way I described. I'm able to add both sequence markers (using "*") and clip markers (mapped to "Ctrl+Shift+*" on my computer) on-the-fly. To add clip markers, note that the clip must be selected and highlighted, and not just the track that the clip is on. I can do this both before and after I enable the clip for Multi-cam, and the markers remain no matter what I do. I'm also able to add sequence markers in the original sync "multicam" sequence, and when this sequence is nested into my edit sequence, the markers are converted into clip markers. All of this can be accomplished with both numbered and unnumbered markers.

                              The only thing I can think of is that possibly your workspace is hosed; try resetting your Multicam workspace and see if that helps at all. Beyond that, everything I described works perfectly, so I'm truly mystified!

                              ADDENDUM: I think I just figured out what you're talking about--you're referring to the fact that the markers don't show in the multi-cam monitor itself. So, what you have to do is step back and forth between the timeline window to jump to the next marker and the multicam monitor to actually add the edits. If this is what you're referring to, I can understand your frustration, but I don't think it's a deal breaker. Here's the workaround:

                              1) (Assuming you've already synced your clips in one sequence, and nested that in your edit sequence) In the edit sequence, playback your sequence and use whatever key you've mapped to "Set Sequence Marker" (mine is set to the numeric "*" key) to drop markers on the beats. The reason to use sequence markers and not clip markers is that with clip markers, the clip has to be selected and highlighted (as described above) and when you add edits, the clip is deselected and you can't jump to the next marker when it's deselected.

                              2) Enable your clip for multi-camera, but don't open the multicamera monitor or switch to the multicamera workspace yet. Just stay in your regular edit workspace/mode for now.

                              3) After you've added all your sequence markers, you'll now add edits at those points. I have Ctrl+Right Arrow mapped to "Go to Next Sequence Marker", and Ctrl+K mapped to "Razor at CTI", though you may want something more convenient and physical closer on the keyboard to the Right Arrow key. Beginning at the start of your sequence, simply alternate between Ctrl+Right Arrow and Ctrl+K to add edits at all those sequence markers. You should be able to fly through the sequence really quickly.

                              4) Now you can enable the multicamera workspace or open the multicam monitor for this sequence. I have the Page Down key mapped to "Go to Next Edit Point", so with the multicam monitor active you can simply press Page Down and then click on the camera you want active at that point in time.

                              And there you have it--cuts on the beats. It's kind of a silly, multi-step process, but I think the important step (#3) is pretty easy to do. You're adding edits anyway when you use the multicam monitor--that's the whole point. This process will just break that up into two extra steps.

                              I do agree that this would be easier if the markers showed up in the multicamera monitor window, so make a feature request. In any event, this will get you what you're after... I think... :)
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                                dericktrotter Level 1
                                Thanks Colin .thought I was going mad ....but your idea of cutting up the
                                sequence first is good idea as there is a "go to next edit" feature on the
                                multicam timeline..... I know its not a big deal but think it would be a
                                simple thing to add.....I have all the short cuts on my keyboard so should do
                                the cutting fast...........Must admit I was a bit disspodent when I read the
                                first part of your reply ....until I got to the ADDENDUM (maybe when the
                                penny dropped).....but thanks for the workround ....simple but most good
                                ideas are .

                                Thanks agian for hanging in there ...ha ha

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                                  Colin Brougham Level 6
                                  Glad to help, Mike--and I hope it works well for you. I think I'll be using this workflow myself on an upcoming project. Would work great for music videos and such. There is a feature request form somewhere around here on Adobe's site, so I think it would be a reasonable request for markers to be visible and accessible in the multicamera monitor window.

                                  I've been working with non-linear editing systems for long enough now that I refuse to let any one of them dictate what I can or can't do. Sure, there will always be limitations, but for me a big part of the creative process is finding new ways to work with the tools you already have.

                                  Good luck!
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                                    dericktrotter Level 1
                                    Well i guess the programe designers cant think of everything Colin, and its
                                    up to people pushing it to the limit to find new and quicker ways to do
                                    things........Music videos was more in my mind .....but the dance videos is
                                    what I'm working on at the mo and thats my reason for the first post ......I
                                    have 26 routines to edit in real time and it has to be on the beat or it
                                    looks bad .....
                                    thanks for your comments.