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    How to fake a Domino

      Hey. I don't know if you are allowed to ask "How to's", but usually a forum is were you ask a question and get an answer. I don't know if this is only a forum for my CS3 is broke, and you only get answers from staff - but I'll give it a shot with my question.

      I see Youtube has a great credibility for people who slave away for hours setting up domino runs. I was thinking that I could cheat - so I borrowed 10 of the same color GREEN dominos from my friend. I set them up on a white piece of paper, it was quite bright, and filmed them falling down. Then I imported it to Adobe Premier Pro, and I edited it - (copy and pasted it), so there was a huge square of dominos, instead of just 1 line of 10.

      I followed some weird tutorial thing, so that I could Alpha matt a picture through the dominos, so it looked like I had made a picture out of dominos... clever huh? But of course, it didn't work! The image was all blurry, due to there being a square inside the domino making it more darker than the outside colour, And I could not see the outlines, and incisions of the dominos... just a big blobby picture of a sunset. I don't know what to do to make it look more realistic, I thought I could make a domino in 3D Studio max or something. Any suggestion or help.