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    Please Help... Serious Problems with 3.2.0 patch

      Hi, (sorry for the long post)

      I'm working on a feature length, 5th century, indy film. Many of our scenes have cuts faster than once per second, esp durring the fight/battle seq. We have been editing for over 18 mon - we shot to HDV.

      After updating PPro to the 3.2.0 patch I noticed that many of my 'in points' for edits had been slightly shifted. I found this disturbing note in Knowledge Base doc kb403179:

      "Note: After re-indexing a project created before 3.2.0, it may be necessary to check the In-points of all edits, as there may be a slight offset from the original In-point."

      It is totally impossible for us to go through and shift each edit point as there are thousands. We also have well over 100 camera rolls - recapture isn't a good option.

      Has anyone else encountered this problem, how did you work around it?

      Thanks in advance for your help,

      Chad Burns, Director, pendragonmovie.com
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Several others have posted this problem. The only fix I know if is to check each edit point.
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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5
            The solution, as often stated on this forum, is to start a project, and finish a project, all in the same software. And that means even specific releases sometimes.
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              Ok, here's the problem. I am having serious export issues with my 3.1 projects that contain HDV. When I move to 3.2 the export problems go away, but I also loose all the work (edits are hosed)... so I'm between a rock and a hard place.

              Does anyone know of a work around for the export issues in 3.1? My larger projects simply jam or hang. I have tried exporting in 30sec chunks but even this sometimes fails. There are a lot of variables and I know I haven't given enough info for anyone to solve this problem... but if someone out there thinks they could help, please contact me here. We'd be delighted to give you a credit in the picture ;-)

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                Not sure if I can help, but if you post more details someone may be able to.

                What's your computer system specs? What are trying to export to? Also, is your footage 24P or 29.97?
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                  We shot the video on Canon XHA1s as 1080 30F and captured it into PPro 3.1.1 projects built on the HDV 1080p30 preset. We shot in HD only for the added framing and FX flexibility, the final output will be SD.

                  Once the clips were captured and partially edited we created new PPro 3.1.1 projects based on the NTSC-DV Widescreen 48kHz presets. Final editing is done in these SD projects and then we export Microsoft AVI DV files.

                  Unfortunately some of our largest projects have begun to exhibit instability during export either crashing Ppro (w or w/o error message), re-starting the computer or hanging. The 3.2 patch gives us smooth export, but ruins the projects otherwise.

                  We have 3 PC/Vista editing platforms, all running 7200 rpm SATA drives, Intel duel or quad processors and 2 or 3 GB of ram.

                  Please let me know if any other specific info would be helpful.

                  Thanks much,
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                    Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    The A1 stores 30f as interlaced on the tape, so you need to set up the projectsettings as interlaced. (1080 60i)
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                      To Ann - I was under the impression that while Canon doesn't capture true progresive, the frame modes (24F and 30F) are progressive, so you'd want to edit under a progressive setting.

                      To Chad - What happens if you export the clips from the original HDV project instead of the SD project? Also, why not do all your editing in an HDV project, then downconvert after your done? As for 3.2 ruining your project, I don't think it's "ruining" so much as it's correcting it. But I know what you're going through - it's happened to me with some projects, but just not on such a big scale.