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    In multi sequence projects, only the currently active sequence is saved -- Why !!!

      I spent 12 hours yesterday on a multi-sequence project. I saved my work routinely. Fist under the name "Project 3" and then under the name "Project 3b." During this time I never exited Premiere.

      Imagine my shock when this morning I open Project 3 and it contains only a single sequence! And Project 3b contains a different single sequence! Together, they comprise only two of 6 sequences. Recreating the work will be difficult, because I destroyed my notes before retiring last night.

      I can find no documentation on this subject. I cannot believe that multiple sequences in a single project are not supported as they can be created, they have tabs (which serve no purpose if only one is allowed), and I received no error message during saves. Nor is there a save sequence command. My machine meets the minimum HW requirements.

      Is the missing data recoverable? I checked the Windows>Timelines menu, but only the one is listed. I never closed the sequences.

      I have never saved a file without incident and opened it without incident only to find data missing in any other program. Never in 20 years of computing. This is absolutely outrageous.