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    Which Version To Get


      I run a business capturing, editing and authoring all kinds of film formats for individuals and companies. We currently use Pinnacle Studio 10.7 and 11 for basic quick transfers and Avid Liquid for more complex business requirements. We have found Studio to be an excellent product, intuitive, easy to learn and use with good results. It has one big failing though, it is as reliable as the British weather! Stability is poor, even on dedicated NLE PC systems it often crashes, locks, fails to render, fails to export etc. Liquid is OK but sometimes has stability issues to. I am now investigating Adobe products and have been recommended Premiere. My question would be as follows:

      1. Which package would best replace Liquid 7 and which package would best replace Studio 11?
      2. Can I download CS3 from the American store where it costs $799 instead of buying in the UK where it costs £702, and why are we being ripped off again in the UK (Adobe to answer?)
      3. If I can download from the American site or if I get hold of a copy from the States, are there any implications for running in the UK, e.g. NTSC and PAL issues?
      4. Do the Adobe Premiere packages utilise the following:
      a) dual core processors
      b) quad core processors
      c) SLI GPUs
      d) Twin monitors (i.e. rescaleable over two monitors)

      I am downloading Elements and CS3 for trial so some of my questions may be answered, however i appreciate any feedback you may wish to give.

      Many thanks

      Ian Litchfield
      Business Development Director
      Timeless moments Ltd
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          1. Adobe CS3, FCP (for Macs only), Edius or Vegas are good alternatives. Check them out and see what fits your workflow best and gives you the easiest migration path.
          2. Adobe pricing policy is a rip off.
          3. No technical support in the UK. Only from the US and if I am not mistaken only installation support is free. For UK support I think you need paid support. Whether that is worth the price difference is a decision you need to make.
          4. a. yes
          4. b. yes
          4. c. ? but not relevant for NLE
          4. d. yes
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            TradeWind Level 3
            I think you're headed in the right direction...Premiere Elements is a good replacement product for Studio 11, and Premiere Pro CS3 is a good choice to replace Liquid, although Liquid is a useful NLE in it's own right...all PC applications have their strengths, weaknesses......and....bugs.
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              Just to expand on Harm's comment 4 above. There is technical support in the UK as I have had them help me this morning.

              Regarding downloading from the US - you can't. I had to get someone in the US buy the software for me and ship it to the UK. As I bought CS3 Production Premium, I had to have it sent to me minus the manuals as it is very heavy.
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                Level 1
                > c) SLI GPUs

                As far as I know SLi only supports 1 screen. So if you want to run 2 screens, as you do, then SLi is not for you.

                Plus as Harm mentioned GPU acceleration is not a major part of Premiere's workflow.
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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  My statement about support is based on buying in the US, like you did. Formally Adobe in Europe does not support software bought in the US. That you got by is great. It happened to me also with CS2 (bought in the US), but upon inquiring about the price difference between US and Europe, Adobe explicitly told me about their support policy. Hence my remark.