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    Animation starfield clip becomes dim when imported into premiere CS3

      I created a space, warp field type animation effect and saved it as an uncompressed AVI. When I view this original avi with windows media player the starfield is very bright and looks and plays exactly how it should. When I import the clip into premiere the starfield becomes very dim, so much so that it becomes completly invisible at times. No matter what I do I cant get it to look as it should (like it does in media player or the original animation program) It does not matter how I render it, even the new render has the starfield dimmed out. Its almost like there is some auto antialiasing built into premiere that is modifying the original avi clip and dimming the stars. The only thing I noticed is that if I select field options and select interlace consecutive fields this helps a little bit but not much. The stars become dim and lose almost all their color. This is for premiere CS3 , if I use premiere 6.5 it works perfectly with no picture loss or dimming of the starfield.

      Even if I render the clip as uncompressed frames once in premiere then view the new renered clip in media player , the new clip is the unwanted dimmed version.

      Any ideas on how I can get premiere to just display and render the original clip in its original form without making changes to the clip?

      Thanks in advance