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    Capturing HDV, generating HD AVI, how do I view on VISTA


      Might sound like an unusual, simple, stupid question - but I am stumped :((

      Simple setup (everything is PAL 1440x1080 (1.333), capturing HDV, bring clips into sequence and then output as:

      Microsoft Uncompressed AVI
      10 Bit YUV (4:2:2 YUV) Compressor
      Frame Size 1440 x 1080
      Frame Rate 23.976
      HD Amorphic 1080 (1.333)

      I have tried viewing the output file using Microsoft's Windows Media Player. The output looks more like a fourier transform of multicoloured waveforms - but sound is fine :)

      I have a high end PC with a 37" LCD Monitor so, right now, I am not interested in burning DVDs (blueray or otherwise), simply want to view the uncompressed sequences in large screed High Def format.

      Any ideas how to view HD on my VISTA machine?