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    Any good tutorials on the net to get one started ?

      I did one project through to completion in Premiere 6,. I was able to edit and bring together clips, import a still image as title, do simple fades and create a dvd at the end. Since then I havent done anything and now having upgraded to CS3, everything looks more complex and different. I now have some new projects to do and wish to get operational as soon as poss on the basics again. I shall then delve much deeper as has been my wish for some time, adding separate sound, clever transitions, and then consider After Effects.

      I would like to find a Flash movie - screen capture (movie type) with tutor talking type tutorial site on getting started for beginners, or a well illustrated site with screen captures.

      I also have mpg footage to edit together. CS3 will also deal with mpg editing now I understand. If this is a separate ball game then also a site on this.
      I have used Videoredo to quickstreamfix this and adjust audio.

      Any recommendations please for such sites ?