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    Editing audio in Premiere Pro

      I'm new to the world of Premiere Pro and I'm running a product trial period at present.
      I have a design background that includes using Quark, so I'm comfortable finding my way round new products, as well as the patience required to spend hours getting to know some of the basics.
      I've started assembling a test project, including .avi files imported from video camera and the ScreenCam software, and an audio file recorded separately sitting in Premiere as a .wav file.
      Inevitably, the stand-alone audio has some imperfections (garbled words and some extraneous noises) that provide me with an opportunity to develop my audio editing skills in the Source window.
      However, I can't see an option to set an In and Out point, isolating the garble, with the intention of cutting the offending clip out and bringing the remaining elements back together.
      Two questions, then:
      1. Is such a cut and splice available?
      2. If not, how and where do you handle the need to edit such fluffs and garbles out of an audio track?
      I'd be grateful for any help that can be offered. Regards,

      Mark Higgitt