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    Dual Monitor Problem - Pop-up Split over two monitors..

      Hi There,

      I have searched the forum for this issue and while I found a lot of information on setting up dual monitors with Premiere I didn't see mention of my issue.

      I am using two 19' LCD's that are setup with Premiere stretched fully between them (maximizing doesn't work as others have pointed out).

      The annoyance I am dealing with happens in an number of instances, but the example I will use is when importing new assets.

      When I add a new video or still asset to my project the "Import" pop-up window appears in the direct centre of the two screens. This is incredibly annoying because the window is split in two.

      I would like (and have tried) to have it pop-up everytime on the right monitor, but dragging and clicking OK does not seem to allow the position for new pop-ups to stay.

      Any advice on how this can be fixed?


      - Sean