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    Timeline Won't Stop!

      On occassion, when I'm playing my timeline, it keeps playing even after I press the space bar. I try to click on everything and nothing works. The timeline just keeps playing.

      I press CTRL, ALT, DELETE on Windows and find that Premiere is no longer responding. The only way I can stop the timeline it to end the process in windows. I have been editing on Premiere for about 5 years now with different system configurations, but never had this happen.

      Brand new system: HP XW8400, 2GB RAM, Dual Quad Core Zeon 5405 processors, 500GB Western Digital SATA RAID 1, XP Pro SP3.

      PNY Quadro FX 1700 Video Card feeding Dual HP LP2065 Monitors
      Black Magic Intensity Pro feeding component to Sony NTSC monitor.

      Project is SD 720x480 using standard DV25 Video.