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    Replicating Missing Filters in CS3

      I have a project that I enhance every year, and after upgrading to CS3 I have lost some of my favorite special effects filters:

      Video Filter missing: AE.ADBE Legacy Key BlueScreen

      Video Filter missing: PR.ADBE Bend

      Video Filter missing: PR.ADBE Field Interpolate

      Video Filter missing: PR.ADBE Roll

      I know how to upgrade to the new keying and field stuff, but how can I easily replicate the Bend and Roll filters... I use them to generate a 3-D looking mist effect that rolls across the screen and otherwise give motion to still images.

      I've been using these filters since Premiere 4.0 and am really bummed that they are gone. I understand cleaning up some of the old filters, but why take away these filters and give no replacement? I really appreciate any help!