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    *EMERGENCY* Massive quality loss on import - Due Friday

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      Ive been working on this project 12 hours a day every day for the last month and tomorrow is the deadline. I currently am working with Apple PRO RES HQ footage, 29.97 non-drop bottom field first interlaced, editing on FCP and FX on AE.

      The problem:
      When i render out of AE, the footage looks good, but when i reimport it back into FCP the quality is destroyed, and i get strange error messages about how the footage doesnt match the sequence settings, yet ive have meticulously checked over AE's render settings and the sequence settings as well as FCP's project settings and they all match that of the original footage. At no one point was the footage ever exported under any other setting.

      I also tried importing the Post-AE footage into premiere and it has the same loss of quality, but without the error messages. Changing the sequence settings to what FCP reccommends for the footage only serves to destroy the quality further. I tried to export the footage out of FCP hoping that the poor quality was maybe just a problem with FCP's preview, but it was the same.

      I dont know what to do, ive tried everything, making sure AE settings are set to bottom field first interlaced, exporting instead of rendering, i even tried disabling fields, theres really no other options left unless theres. There has to be some reason why two separate editing platforms are destroying quality-AE-exported footage upon import. Somebody help!