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    audio loses synch on export

      I have been searching the forums, but can't find anything that duplicates my problem.

      Machine: Q9300, 8 Gb ram, Vista Ultimate x64 (my problems are only with some video clips, so I don't think this problem is machine related).

      Problem: audio/video on the .avi file I am editing is in synch in Premiere, but then is out of synch when exported to .avi or .flv. The audio sounds good, but it looks like video frames are being dropped on the export. (I used Super to encode a .vob video to AVI-DV.)

      Question: is there a way to force the audio/video to synch?

      I have tried some things I read in the forums, like exporting the audio file as a wav and then re-inserting this on the timeline: didn't help.

      Here are the audio settings for the file that is giving me these problems:

      (Could the different frame rates / audio settings be causing my problem?)

      File Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\eRightSoft\SUPER\OutPut\linda_tv1.AVI
      Type: AVI Movie
      File Size: 3.0 GB
      Image Size: 720 x 576
      Pixel Depth: 720
      Frame Rate: 25.00
      Source Audio Format: 22050 Hz - 16 bit - Stereo
      Project Audio Format: 48000 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo
      Total Duration: 00:14:21:11
      Average Data Rate: 3.5 MB / second
      Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.067

      AVI File details:
      Contains 1 video track(s) and 1 audio track(s).
      Interleave: 1 : 0.80

      Video track 1:
      Size is 2.88G bytes (average frame = 144.06K bytes)
      There are 21536 keyframes.
      Frame rate is 25.00 fps
      Frame size is 720 x 576
      Depth is 24 bits.

      Audio track 1:
      Size is 72.43M bytes
      Rate is 22050 samples/sec
      Sample size is 16 bits

      Additional information:


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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          You are using material unsuitable for editing, hence your problems. Use proper material captured from a tape based DV camera.
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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5
            If your AVI is being exported out of something called "Super" can you export the audio to 48KHz so it matches the project?

            I would have thought rendering and replacing the audio would solve the export problem, but if frames of video are being dropped, then you really need to find out why.

            Try slicing the avi up into 10 second segments just before you export. Perhaps then you will be able to tell which segment is causing the problem, or perhaps the problem will be solved.
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              jfk00ca Level 1
              Thanks - I will try that and I may try another program instead of Super as well.

              For now because I need to get this online, I simply fiddled with the audio track, exporting and re-exporting, until the video was okay. But that is far from an ideal solution, as the audio is now out of synch in Premiere, but in synch in the output files!

              To respond to Harm's comments, it would be nice if I could "use proper material". However, when a client hands you a DVD they made, which is saved from a TV show they taped, we don't have that luxury! I wish clients would pay more attention to getting original files (and not just video - but things like logos as well!).

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                Dag Norum Level 2

                When getting DVD's to edit, I usually use an old little free program called FlaskMpeg. So far it has served me well, but since I haven't bought any DV-avi codec, I'll have to use a codec like HuffYuv or avi with compressor set to none (both I prefer over the DV-avi codec anyway), big files and a bit slow response, but I haven't seen the big problems about that. In case you try FlaskMpeg, play around with it for a while so you get to know what you do, freeware can sometimes have settings for the same output two places.

                And, in my opinion, Super is way too scary to install.
                (FlaskMpeg is not an install-app.)


                Oppss! Just remembered one thing:
                >which is saved from a TV show they taped

                Please be aware that in many places it's OK to "tape" and watch a TV-show over and over again, but to make money from editing it afterwards could bring you into problems. Not being police here, just careful, check rules/laws in your place.
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                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                  >when a client hands you a DVD they made, which is saved from a TV show they taped, we don't have that luxury!

                  We also don't have the legal authority to edit it, or put it up online. You probably should have said no to this client.
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                    jfk00ca Level 1
                    I am very aware of copyright issues - surprisingly enough the TV producer has given her a written approval to use the video she taped.

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                      Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                      Instead of using Super: copy dvd to hard disk, rename .vob to .mpg. Drop this into Premiere and export it as a dv-avi.
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                        Jim_Simon Level 8
                        legal issues handled, I've always preferred to play the DVD via S-video into my camera and record to MiniDV tape, then capture. Perfect sync, perfectly usable file every time.
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                          jfk00ca Level 1
                          That is an excellent suggestion Jim - thanks!

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                            Level 1
                            ...or you just use use Elements to import your DVD. Works perfectly everytime.