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    expert opinion on producing sd dvd for display on large HDTV.

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      Hi all,

      We are at a crossroads where consumers are playing sd dvd's on large HDTV's. Hopefully it won't last more than a few years.
      > We are in this situation because while people where able to jump right into HDTV (LCD, PLASMA, DLP, etc) without having to worry about compatible with all SD and HD video signals, they where not willing to buy a HD player while the format war was on.

      I'm looking for info for producing the best possible sd dvd for display on large HDTV's.

      Since LCD, Plasma, DLP and other large screen HDTV's operate in progressive mode, I think its best to shoot in progressive mode or converting to it. It eliminates the flickering, blockiness and jaggie edges. If you convert to progressive you'll get a softer but acceptable look to the video as well.

      Are there any issues, such as video levels, that need to be considered or adjusted while in Premiere prior to encoding a sd dvd for display on LCD or plasma HDTV's as opposed to the older sd CRT display TV's?