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    Integrated Graphics/HD 3470, 5400/7200 (Laptop), Premiere Pro CS3

      I am currently looking to purchase a Sony SR laptop, which can either come equipped with an HD 3470 or Intel integrated X4500 graphics.

      The battery life on the machine with the 3470 is presumed to be 3.5 hours, while with the Intel, it's supposedly 5 hours.

      Now, one of the primary uses of the laptop will be video editing - in both SD and HD. Will a 3470 provide significant enough of a performance boost in Premiere Pro to make it worth the hit in battery life?

      Also, does Premiere Pro like scan your system and refuse to run if your drive is lower than 7200rpm since it's a requirement? Or is that more of a suggestion/guideline? I'd prefer to get a 5400rpm to save on battery life.