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    ISO image burn to PAL format?

      The Question:  Is there any way to get my ISO image burned to a DVD in PAL format?<br /><I've gotten an ISO file in two ways - making one thru Encore; extracting an ISO file off a disk><br /><br />My 'history':<br />I've just started editing with Premiere Pro CS3 and have learned about burning ISO files to keep as 'masters' of my projects, so it would be easy to burn further copies, etc.<br />Well, it seems that no Adobe program will load an ISO image after the fact. <Well, Premiere and Encore specifically>.  I've made my ISO's thru Encore, but cannot open them afterwards.<br />My sole purpose for wanting to do this is to burn an ISO into a PAL format now.<br /><br />Also, recently I was told about the program imgburn.  It's a great little program, but it won't seem to burn in PAL format.<br />I've extracted an ISO image from a DVD using the imgburn program.  Now, I wanted to burn this image into a PAL format, and I'm finding that nothing seems to work.  I was going to open it in Encore, but as stated above, that doesn't work either.<br /><br />So, how does one take an ISO file and burn it to a DVD in PAL?<br /><br />Hope someone can help!<br />Thanks in advance!<br /><br />Marilyn
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          Ruud Blauw Level 1
          An ISO file is a disc image file. No matter what you use to burn it with, it will produce a disc that is exactly what your project was originally. If it was for an NTSC DVD-Video disc the result be an NTSC DVD-Video disc.

          You could burn a disc, extract its contents, convert the NTSC video to PAL, redo the menus, start a new Encore PAL project and then burn a PAL DVD. But it is probably easier to simply leave it at NTSC: Almost all PAL set top DVD players can play NTSC discs.

          Also see the DVD Demystified FAQ: Is DVD-Video a worldwide standard? Does it work with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM?
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            Thanks for all the info Ruud!  That all makes sense.<br /><br />I also noticed that in Encore, in the 'Region Codes' section, I have 'All Regions' selected anyway.  It has every region checked off as if they ALL <all countries> will read whatever NTSC DVD that I burn.<br /><br />Does this mean exactly that?  That ALL regions will be able to view the DVD?<br />Have you, or anyone else here, been able to prove that as fact?<br />It kinda seems so with that link that you provided about 'DVD-Video worldwide standard' - where it says: "Almost all DVD players sold in PAL countries play both kinds of discs".<br /><br />Thanks again for your help!
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              Ruud Blauw Level 1
              The "Regions" setting only has meaning for replicated/pressed DVDs, not for discs you burn. Rather than an enabling feature it is a disabling one: Its intended purpose is to prevent certain geographical regions to watch DVDs that were intended for another region. E.g. a US DVD player (region 1) won't play a Japanese DVD (region 2) if that disc has Regions restrictions implemented. Has to do with distribution rights of movies and with pricing.

              Your "regionless" NTSC DVD should play as well in nearly all PAL DVD players as it does in NTSC ones.
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                Ya learn somethin' new every day. :-)
                Thanks again for your time and all your information, Ruud. It has helped immensely!