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    Premiere doesn't "remember" my Video Effects! I have to edit them each time I open the project!

      Eh guys this is just crazy!

      Sometimes, premiere comes with this problem in a specific project where I've put effects and transitions.

      If I close the project, then when I will reopen it my transitions and effects will still be there but they wont be seenable if i play it (or even export it) unless if I click each one of them and make a small edit (e.g a trans from 00:00:01:05 to 00:00:01:06 ). But even when I've done that, if i close it, the nex time i will be opening it, it will be just the same!
      And also! All the titles or images I have on the project are offline!!!

      Now, I noticed -but I'm not sure if this is the only and real reason- that this happens
      sometimes I open the Title Window and insert a title -a window "Premiere is running on very law system memory, please save your project and procced with caution..."*1-
      when i paste titles from another project- which had the same problem. But the most crazy of all, is that after that, even if i delete those clips, the project remains damaged with this bug for days, or even permanently!

      *1 What low system memory ?! I Have 4GB RAM on a Intel Quadqore 2,4Ghz (Q6600) with an Ati 1950XT!!!

      Watch this video where I show live the problem