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    Please help and suggest a workflow!

      I teach sign language and need to make a video for training my students. I have used Premiere Pro 1.5 and an old Canon DV camera, and that worked fine. Now I have upgraded to Premiere CS3 and a Sony handycam HDR-SR8 AVCHD. Unfourtunatly things are not that easy anymore...
      I understand that I have to convert the m2ts-files I get from the cam to MPEG-2, to be able to get them editable in CS3. But there are som many options and framrates and sizes.. I get all confused!
      Can anyone tell me or discuss with me, a good workflow, from filming until the video is ready. I have Studio 11 to convert the film-files from the Sony (as suggested by Adobe). But what settings (bitrate, width & height, type tc.) should I use:
      a) in the cam
      b) in Studio 11
      c) in my project
      The finnised video will be used either as a video delivererd on a USB-memory or as a Flashmovie.
      i live in Sweden so I guess it is the PAL settings I need?

      I much aprechiate any help!
      Hakan, Sweden