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    A straight answer? How to create/import graphics with text that aren't fuzzy

      Hello all, sorry to vent as a newbie to this forum, but I've tried searching for an answer and have not found one that has been helpful.

      I create educational based content and often times I need to bring in graphics from Photoshop with text on them and have them fade in or out as a person is talking about them. We're talking about a .gif with a few lines or bullet points on them (white background, blue text). No matter what I try, the actual text is fuzzy looking, once I import it into Premiere. So, the end result is fuzzy when I render and encode, but perfect in Photoshop.

      I'm not talking about using Premiere's built-in titler here, I'm asking about graphics I import.

      Why does this happen? I've seen many other examples where people have created videos that include text on graphics and it is crystal clear. I realize I'm spanning two different software packages here in my post, but someone using Premiere CS3 must have had a similar experience.

      Can anyone shed any light here?