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    video audio problems

      The problem I am having is that i capture my video/audio by fire wire using a PV-GS250 panasonic camcorder and a firepod that I record audio with. The problem comes in that it seems over time the two aren't sinced. I line up the to and match up the sounds. Say at 1 minute in. Then I go to 1 hour our and the audios are off from each others. I turned off auto save in premiere. Went in msconfig and turned off several things that where starting up. Both audios are 16 bit 48, one is mono and the other stereo. Using Windows Vista sp1. 4 gigs ram, 8700 video with 512 ram, processor intel core 2 xtreme x9000 @ 2.8ghz. I don't have any drop frames and can't find anything wrong. Help, thanks Dave..
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          The problem is that audio device manufacturers, for some reason that I'm sure would be entirely illogical, can't seem to make devices that record at the same exact rate as DV cameras. I don't know why they can't do this. DV camera makers build cameras that keep sync with each other all the time. I can find no theoretical reason why audio device makers can't build recorders that also keep sync with DV cameras, except that they're just not trying.

          So it's not your fault, Dave. The only thing you can do is adjust the speed of the audio clip to match. With my equipment, the adjustment turns out to be 100.04%, so it's a very small shift. No one will ever notice any pitch difference.