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    Buying CS3 in america as a student from germany?

      Hi there,
      I'm in the last 2 months of being a Filmstudent in Germany. And I would like to purchase the Adobe Production Premium CS3 package as an EDU version (updatable and commercially usable even after graduation).

      2 Questions:

      1st: To be able to get the EDU Version, I would have to buy in the next 2 months. BUT: Maybe by the end of the year adobe will release the CS4 package (or early next year). Should I wait (not being able to use my student ID anymore), or is there an update policy that, when you buy it, but 3 (or so) months later the update gets out, you won't have to pay for the update, or pay less. Since the update came out "shortly" after you bought the previous version?

      2nd: I would like to buy an english version of the package in America. 'Cause of the language, and mostly 'cause of the dollar to euro conversion. I would save a couple of hundreds euros (+ the student version).
      But I don't know about the customs here in germany for software products. Is anybody here from germany who has done this before? I searched the Internet, but couldn't find any reliable sources being absolutely sure.
      Will I be able to register my American software living in germany?

      And, since I want to buy some other software (like magic bullet looks etc) and try to avoid high shipping cost by ordering from different stores. Does anybody know a good Student online software store with a variety of graphics and video software products. Preferably on the east cost to make shipping time less. (I know toolfarm for example, but they don't offer CS Production Premium as Student EDU, but have the looks plugin :-(

      Thank you alot in advance for your input on this,
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          1st: No reduced pricing for EDU versions.

          2nd: The price difference is marginal and I don't think you can buy the EDU version in another country than where you study. The EDU version is also in English.

          and: Mostly you have to get student versions from the manufacturer.
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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5
            There are educational software companies on the web. But you have to prove to them that you are eligible for the huge discount. I don't know if they will ship overseas. Probably not.

            The update policy is usually more like one month, not three.

            If you want to upgrade your new CS3 to CS4, it would still be cheaper than buying CS4 when it is released (after you graduate).


            Or just Google "Academic Software"