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    Cineform, Z7 and EX1 and of course... the kitchen sink.

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      Wee are shooting a feature this year and of course the EX1 is our first choice. For editing we will use Cineform Prospect HD.

      So far so good.

      Recently it occured to me the SONY flash cards are so expensive they may pose a problem because we can't afford to buy a dozen of those and yet we may need to shoot long days in distant locations. Therefore we are looking at the Z7 as an alternative way to go.

      Here are the questions:

      (1) How does the Z7 hold up to the EX1 generally speaking?

      (2) If I shoot with the Z7 instead of the EX1 (in 25P), do I gain any quality by using Prospect HD instead of sticking with Aspect?

      (3) If I do go with Prospect HD, how much do I lose with the Z7 HDV 25MB/S as compared to the EX1 35MB/s format if I output in Full HD at the end?

      Bottom line, how much worse will the final product be if I downgrade to Z7?