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    Professional Audio!

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      Does anybody have any software to recommend for recording and mixing professional music? We currently use music studio, but I'm not sure this will cut it if we want to create a professional master.


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          Adobe Audition 3
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            Which is better and what is Sound booth all about?
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              ProTools is for MACs
              Audition is for PC's

              It seems that most professionals use ProTools.
              I personally use Audition, but it's only because I'm PC based.

              Soundbooth is only 1 track, but new versions will be multi-track from what I understand. It's supposed to be an easier program to work with than Audition, but is limited.
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                Audition CS3 is a full-featured multitrack recording and mixing tool. Plus, you can switch to edit mode and do surgical corrections to individual tracks. I've used Audition since it was Cool Edit '96 and prefer it to anything else out there - Win or Mac - at least for editing.

                For multitrack recording (especially tracking and mixing) Give Reaper a try (www.reaper.fm). The trial download is fully functioning and won't expire - you just get a nag screen. It's a little different than most, but you can literally go from download to install to live multitrack recording in under 5 minutes! Powerful set of built-in tools and works with VST and DX plugins. I scrapped a perfectly good copy of Pro Tools in favor of Reaper.

                Can't hurt to give it a shot.