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    Missing audio

      I am new Premier Pro but have used Premier elements for a couple of years.
      So I am importing a mpeg into Premier Pro and the audio is missing. The file omports just fine into elements (I get audio and video tracks), the audio plays in bridge as well.
      Get properties does not show the audio but I know its there.
      Is there some secret setting I need to know about?

      File Path: E:\second half 2008\video\07_24_08\master\VR_MOVIE_07_24_08.MPG
      Type: MPEG Movie
      File Size: 764.2 MB
      Image Size: 704 x 480
      Pixel Depth: 704
      Frame Rate: 29.97
      Total Duration: 00;11;13;05
      Average Data Rate: 1.1 MB / second
      Pixel Aspect Ratio: 0.909
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          akribie Level 2
          You are not the first with this issue.

          Search this forum for MPEG, which is not well handled natively by Premiere Pro.

          Elements deals with MPEG OK in most cases, but MPEG is not really an editing format which is why PPro doesn't like it.
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            Level 1
            I know that Premier elements or pro does not like MPEG, but the Adobe sales guy said I would get better qulaity DVD with pro even with mpeg.

            So I guess I should convert mepgs using streamclip?
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              akribie Level 2
              Or virtual dub.

              Elements seems to handle MPEG pretty well, unlike PPro.

              The only improvement I would expect from PPro over elements with regard to DVDs would be using Encore (now provided with PPro CS3)to generate menus. Otherwise, I would have thought you would be better off sticking with Elements for MPEG sources and generating your DVDs from there.