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    need help with export to DVD (compression problems et al)

      I am new to CS3 and am experiencing frustration with exporting to DVD. I am aware it I am probably missing something in the program so I though I'd reach out for some help.

      I don't want to get into heavy editing without getting my settings right so I just captured a 30sec clip to work with until I am satisfied that everything is okay... and this is where I see problems. Everything looks great when I play it in my project and watch the footage Colours and resolution are crisp and clean. Everything is exactly the way it should look. But when I export through Adobe Media Encoder the:

      - image detail is lost (and looks softer)
      - there are artifacts in the image,
      - colours become warmer
      - and the letterboxing flickers, not the whole image but just the edges of the bars are bouncing up and down

      Can you help me? I am concerned that I am loosing so much on the compression and 720x780 is already on the low end for resolution. If there is nothing that can be done about the letterboxing, then I learnt my lesson and will just have to mask it off (but I would obviously prefer to not do this).

      Here are the details:

      I shot with Panasonic DVX100B in 720p, 16x9 letterbox - I didn't change the actual aspect ratio with anamorphic just to simplify my life.

      I chose preset: DV-24P standard 48KHz, edit mode: DV 24p, timebase: 23.976 frames/sec, with a pixel aspect ration of 0.9, no fields and 24 fps timecode. I captured my DV footage via firewire. Everything looks great in the project. The footage was exposed correctly. I have watch the footage directly from my camera to my HDTV (using s-video) and it looks way better than the DVD and there the letterboxing doesn't "jump".

      I am using MPEG2-DVD, video codec: MainConcept MPEG video, quality = 5, NTSC, frame rate: 29.97, 720x480, deinterlace, non-progressive PAR 0.90, bit rate encoding: VBR, 2 Pass, bitrate 9.

      I have tried changing the frame-rate between 23.976 and 29.97 drop frame, nothing seems to be working.

      Thanks for your response