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    Create new audio transition?

      Hello all: I'm very new to this, so I apologize if the answer is obvious to everyone: the good news about Premiere is that there is so much "how to" information available; the bad news is that there is so much "how to" information available.

      I am creating a video of an organ concert; prior to each piece the organist talks to the audience about the piece he is going to play. I have a pretty good (it can always be better, can't it? damn it.) audio mixer configuration set up for the music and another for the speech. Is there a way I can create an audio transition to go from one to the other, rather than setting each up a zillion (well, half a zillion anyway) times?

      Alwyn Jones
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          no idea if it would work, but First thing I'd try is:

          drag all the organist talk clips to the end of the timeline,

          use the 'show track volume'(instead of default clip volume) to re-level them differently to the main music clips,

          then drag/drop the organist intros back between the main music clips.

          Or -this one's better-
          create new audio layer(s), (rename them 'organist intro channel') then you'd sort of be dragging a project long audio config down to zero/razoring them out when not used, instead of dexterity intensive fine tuning.
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            akribie Level 2
            Have you tried the audio transitions in Premiere Pro? Constant Power for a cross fade suits me best. Saves lots of time fiddling with the mixer or volume rubber bands.
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              (Alwyn_Jones) Level 1
              Thank you, JackBarber and David J. I take it, from your responses, that the answer to my question is "No" :-) Shame! Perhaps generating custom audio transitions is something Adobe could add to CS4.

              David, it's not just the volume that needs adjusting - the 5.1 mix and EQ have to be changed too. Jack: That's certainly a good thought. It's given rise to another one: (1) render the sequence optimized for speech; (2) render the sequence optimized for music; (3) razor between the two rendered versions; (4) apply constant power audio transition between clips. Anyway, I'll try all three ideas and see how I get on.

              Thanks again.