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    Convert NTSC DVcam footage to PAL

      I have PPRO CS3 (as part of the Creative Suite Production Studio) with a Matrox RTX2 card.

      I'm in the UK, working in PAL.

      I've been sent an NTSC DVcam tape. The goal is to insert a clip from this NTSC tape into a PAL programme.

      I have a Sony DSR-11 which recognises that the tape is NTSC.

      I've opened a new PPRO project: Matrox / NTSC / widescreen / DV

      I capture the footage, and put the clip on the timeline.

      The audio sounds jerky, choppy. Both audio and video seem too fast.

      At what point / in what programme should I be looking to convert it to PAL?

      Or is the capture already wrong?

      I tried importing the clip into a PAL project, and interpreting it as 25fps. This seemed better, but the audio pitch was too low.

      As the voice is Japanese, I'm struggling to hear how it should sound anyhow!

      Advice would be much appreciated.

      Thanks, Linda