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    Audio problem or..?

      I am trying to render a sequence to a Cineform Avi with 3 video layers and 4 audiolayers.
      Video and audio aren't sync.
      Sometimes a 'error compiling' for which I filed a trouble ticket at Cineform, but some times no error at all.
      Pro CS3 just disappears.

      I searched the forum, but no luck so far.

      Anyone knows a workaround or a solution?
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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          Please provide these details to help us help you.


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            Gildo! Level 1
            System specs:
            1. No extra codecs
            2. ProPro CS3 3.2.0
            3. Windows XP professional sp2 -dutch
            4. Intel core to 2 2.6 GHz
            5. 2 Gigs RAM
            6. Matrox Parhelia APVe 2.2 -23
            7. 2 displays
            8. Realtek onborad
            9. C: total 250Gig free space: 125 Gig
            D: 500 Gig space: 218 Gig [Raid 0]
            10. + 11. Capturing with HD link [Aspect HD]
            12. No third party plugins
            13. no error message, Pro CS3 just vanishes
            14. I would like my video and audio in sync
            15. Never had troubles before with this
            16. Filled the audio gaps,balck video under titels,
            tried exporting smaller portion of the timeline, tried importing in another project.

            I already filed a trouble ticket at Cineform, but David mentioned the possibility it could be Pro CS3 in case of the audio and video being not in sync.
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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              >1. No extra codecs

              >12. No third party plugins

              How is that possible if you're trying to render out out a Cineform AVI?
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                Gildo! Level 1
                I am sorry, you are right.
                Cineform yes, but no other divx plugins or something like that.

                I managed to export my movie with Cineform in two seperate parts.
                Audio and video are sync, and I didn't have an error.

                I don't have an explanation either, so I am searching on,
                because I have 3 more projects belonging to this one movie.

                If anyone else has an idea or clue, please post!