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    making backup and freeing space

      I have a disk with several projects and I would like to make regular backups of the projects and all the media of each one.
      Is there a way of making incremental backups at the end of the day?
      And how I can free up space in my disk by deleting all media, previews, etc, that are no longer used by a particular project? Is there a way inside Premiere to show what files are being used by the project and the ones that are not being used?
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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          This is probably not exactly what you want, but Ill share my workflow for doing Project backups.

          1.) I have all Assets: Captured footage, still images, graphics, Audio and music on an external HDD. I only work with copies of these, which are placed on my internal media drive
          2.) When I have done a lot of work, or at the end of a session, I do a Save_As_A_Copy for the Project file. That is all you need, so long as all Assets are safely stored elsewhere.
          3.) Once a Project is complete, I use the Project Manager in PP to do a full backup for safe-keeping

          As far as the usage goes, in the Project Panel, you can view a Column for each Audio Usage and Video Usage. I think that they are shown by default, but are all the way to the far right - have to scroll laterally to get there. You can re-arrange your Columns as you need. I usually put these two right near the front. Also, if you wish to purge (from the Project, as it does not affect the files on your HDD) the unused files, go to Project in the menu bar, and choose Delete (could be Remove) Unused. This deletes references to those unused Assets.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            I wouldn't try backing up the media. Just make sure the original tapes are safe somewhere. Project files are good to back up to a physically separate hard drive.

            There is no way to delete only old/unused preview files. It's all or none. But, you can delete them all and just render again whatever is required.