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    Dynamic Link and interlacing

    Andy Bay Level 1

      Can someone point me in the right direction when using Pr with Ae via the Dynamic Link feature?

      I sadly have a project in Ae which contains both progressive and interlaced footage. When I bring this to Pr using DL, how does the interlacing process work?

      Also, what I know is that I can rightclick a clip on the timeline and choose deinterlace from the field options menu. How will these field options work with DL and what will happen when I export (there is also a checkbox where I can choose to deinterlace)?

      I'm sorry if I sound confusing, what I'm really asking is:

      How should my workflow go considering interlacing, when my source material in AE has both interlaced and progressive clips? My final output should be progressive, so should I leave the deinterlacing to the "make movie" options or click it all ready from the "field options" in the timeline? What will happen if I have deinterlace turned on both in the "make movie" export options and the field options of a specific clip?

      I will appreciate any help or tips very much!
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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Export a few seconds of work area and see how it looks with and without the deinterlace.
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            Andy Bay Level 1
            Thanks for the tip!

            This is what I'm wondering the most:

            If I export a clip with no fields and choose deinterlace in the render settings, my title sequence with some text looks great. But if I don't check the deinterlace box BUT use the "field options" context menu and choose "always deinterlace" for the title sequence, the final results are much much worse.

            What is happening there? I thought it would be the same thing to choose deinterlacing from the field options menu for a specific clip or to choose it for the whole export in the export settings. But the results seem to be very different. Can someone explain what is happening and why the processing seems to be different?

            Any help would be appreciated!